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French Classes

                            ''This is not your typical French class''


                                                                                 Isabelle L ( UK)  


My technique is simple: I build relationships and design learning development around everyone’s experience, need and daily life.

I teach my students to interact with empathy, engagement and inspiration.


I recently decided to embark on my journey of taking French Lessons. My very first lesson I was HOOKED!


The Teacher Ms. Lydia was so encouraging that I upgraded my plan to do more lessons per month.

Her Encouragement and patience is what motivates me to continue learning.


Jamisha T ( New York)



Dear Lydia,


Thank you for a wonderful year of reach tutoring, you have done so much to build my confidence speaking French, and I’ve enjoyed our time together and getting to know you.

Thank you again for your instruction and friendship.


Isabelle L ( UK)




“I like Lydia’s teaching style! She's follows each lesson but also flows with her students.  Sometimes we go beyond the lesson because she realizes we can handle, or that our curiosity adds to the excitement of learning.  She has a fun, laid back but knowledgeable approach, that as an adult student I really appreciate.  She also shares with us interesting videos about the culture and music, which is so fun!”


Marc S ( New York)




Bonjour Lydia!


There is no other way to say it. You have helped me learn magic. I have quickly put our studies to the test in Paris and with inspiring results. I am ordering at cafes and restaurants without help, speaking to new people in an accent which has suddenly taken form and, most importantly, feel an even greater excitement about the language.


Thank you for your patience, kindness and friendship. I look forward to continuing to work together upon returning.


Devin G ( New York)

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